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Mulch  Installation


Pine Straw is the mulch of choice for ornamental shrub beds and natural areas in Georgia.  It benefits shrub beds by helping to retain moisture, control weeds, prevent erosion, protect from temperature extremes and to improve the appearance of our bed areas.  Our pine straw is free of sticks, pine cones and debris.  This classification of work is critical to the overall success of our complete maintenance program.  The fee quoted for mulch will include the following:


  1. Delivery of pine straw
  2. Install/spread pine straw to a 3”to 4” thick
  3. Completely remove pine needles from foliage of plants
  4. Clean up all debris from installation process
  5. Properly dispose of debris
  6. Blow concrete surfaces and turf clear of debris
  7. Tuck and role straw to give a nice clean look


Pine straw must be replenished a minimum of one time per year.  A second application during the year to freshen the color is recommended.  Pine straw that is located in full sun exposure with frequent irrigation will deteriorate much more quickly than pine straw in natural areas that are shady and have no irrigation.  Dyed hardwood mulch is a great option as well.  Please contact our office staff about our mulching services.


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